Happy Mind

We are delighted to introduce our new activity book Happy Mind.  This book is designed to help children focus on their positives and understand that we are all unique and special in our own way.  

Story Time


We are delighted to introduce our Project Worker, Rachel. Rachel is going to talk to you about bullying.

Bullying can make you feel really sad and perhaps scared. If someone is bullying you, you can say NO! in a strong, confident voice. If you feel too scared by yourself, you can ask a friend to help you. If the person who’s bullying you doesn’t stop, you must tell a safe grown-up.

Safe Grown-ups are adults who keep you safe. This can be Mums, Dads, Grannies, Grandpa’s, Teachers or older brother or sisters.

…and in Gaelic:


Introducing Mhairi one of our Inverness Project Workers. Mhairi is reading our Strangers book.

A stranger is someone you don’t know. If a stranger comes too close to you when you’re not with a grown up, you must RUN, YELL and TELL! You must tell a safe grown up.

If a stranger trys to pick you up, you can hit, kick, wriggle etc and as soon as you get away you must RUN, YELL, and TELL!

Remember, you can also meet strangers online. You can keep yourself safe online by always checking with a grown up before clicking on a picture that pops up. You should always tell a grown up if a voice starts talking to you.

And in Gaelic with Ellen:


Our final instalment of our story time is called Secrets and is presented by our Inverness worker, Dionne.

We tell children that we all have an invisible bubble around our body. No-one is allowed to come into our bubble if we don’t want them to. Sometimes someone might need to come into your bubble to care for you but they always ask permission and never ask you to keep it a secret.

Kisses and cuddles must never be kept secret. If someone asks you to keep the a secret, you must tell someone.

Gaelic version:

During these uncertain times, many parents/carers  may have difficulties balancing working from home and family life. There is a lot of pressure on parents to recreate school at home and fill every hour with school work. But please be mindful that all families are different and you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to create the perfect curriculum.

We’ve developed this activity pack to help support your child’s learning and to reinforce safety messages. It encourages children to practice handwriting and reading as well as singing and art. Feel free to share your work 🙂 We hope you have fun with the activities and enjoy spending time together.

Pre-school Activity Packs:


Primary 1 Activity Packs:


All Different, All Equal

Join us to help stop bullying and create safe places for children to live, grow and play. We are all different and all equal, let’s celebrate our differences. We need to work together to teach our children to accept others and embrace diversity#antibullyingweek #alldifferentallequal