Pre-school Workshop

Young children need help to develop understanding of their feelings and how to react if they feel uncomfortable or threatened. SSF firmly believes that children’s vulnerability will be reduced by raising awareness of families and communities in conjunction with providing children with resources of their own that they can use when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

We use a set of three interactive puppet workshops in nurseries for all children in the Highlands in their pre-school year. They are usually held a week apart and last between 30-40 minutes. They cover the topics of bullying, strangers and secrets.

Workshop 1: Bullying

The children are introduced to SSF project worker and the puppets – Callum and Shona. They talk about what bullying is and how to say ‘No!’ if someone bullies you.

Workshop 2: Strangers

Looks at how to stay safe if a child is not with an adult and a stranger approaches them. SSF emphasise that a ‘stranger is someone you don’t know’ and you can ‘yell and tell.’

Workshop 3: Secrets

Is about how to stay safe if someone asks you to keep a kiss, cuddle or touch secret. The main message is ‘your body belongs to you; and you never keep a kiss, cuddle or touch a secret.’