For Parents and Carers

If we are about to visit your child’s nursery:

Here is some information about our workshops: SSF Parent Information Leaflet

Please view the following short clips.  These will help enable you to discuss the workshops with your child:

Why we need you as partners:

We recently did some research as part of the Early Years Collaborative, testing how well children learn the abuse-resistance strategies from our workshops. We did some small-world role play with groups of children to see if they could demonstrate the taught behaviours in different contexts.
For the children who took part in our workshops with no further reinforcement, the success rate was 50%.
However, for the children who took part in our workshops and then had reminders from parents and teachers every few months, the success rate grew to 90%.
The success rate for children who do not take part in workshops is likely to be low, as they may not be aware of the behaviours or skills needed to keep themselves safe. Children need to be actively equipped with these skills – they do not know these things naturally.
So PLEASE do take a little time, every few months, to check your children’s understanding. You can use the tips provided in the story booklets/information booklet, or contact us for more advice.

After we have visited your child’s nursery:

Please take a moment to complete a feedback form as honestly as possible.  Feedback is used to help us  improve our service and to support funding requests.

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