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Child Protection

Child protection

The signs of abuse are not always obvious and if a child is experiencing abuse, they might not understand that what is happening to them is wrong, or they may be too frightened to tell anyone. We can help protect children by teaching them how to stay safe from abuse and helping them identify a trusted adult to talk to if they are worried or feel unsafe. If you are worried or concerned about a child/young person, it is important that you speak to a professional as soon as possible.

If you are concerned that a child may be at risk of harm from abuse or neglect then please contact your local Family Team. If you are worried that a child is at immediate risk of harm then phone the Police without delay.

Contact numbers for Local Family Team and the Police are available at

  • Police 101 (non-urgent)
  • 999 (urgent)
  • Out of hours Social Work Emergency Service: 08457 697284

Common Signs

Some common signs that there may be something concerning happening in a child’s life include:

These signs don’t necessarily mean that a child is being abused, there could be other things happening in their life which are affecting their behaviour. Please talk to a professional for help.

You may also notice some concerning behaviour from adults who you know have children in their care, which makes you concerned for the child/children’s safety and wellbeing.

If Abuse is Disclosed or Discovered

If a child does disclose abuse or neglect it is vital to respond carefully and appropriately so they are reassured. Here are a few ways to help handle these situations:

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