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E-safety Workshop

We use the resources of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP) to deliver training to staff and parents as well as workshops for children, using the thinkuknow materials. The online safety toolkits for face-to-face learning or online delivery contain activities that support young people to understand unhealthy behaviours online, and to seek help when they need it.

This gives children practical information about how to stay safe online (playing or watching something on an electronic device, live-streaming or building online friendships) and how to deal with the increasing incidence of cyberbullying. At least two million British children experience online bullying each year, according to research by USwitch, and 91% of people who reported cyberbullying have said that no action was taken by the platform provider. This can leave children feeling disbelieved and vulnerable, and can affect their self-esteem.

We make sure young children know that, as with any other type of bullying, you must tell someone if you are being bullied. Especially if you are scared about your safety. We emphasise that:

  • if a picture pops up on your screen or a voice tries to talk to you, you should ALWAYS put the device down and go tell a grown-up
  • you should ALWAYS check with a grown-up before clicking a picture that pops up
  • you should ALWAYS check with a grown-up before talking to a voice that comes from your device.

For older children the workshops are adapted to ensure they are age-appropriate and cover relevant issues that affect that age group. We may cover the legal ages for using different social media and other sites, the risk of disappearing message functions, the minimum legal ages for young people the workshops include not posting nude selfies and online sexual abuse.

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