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Prevention of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Prevention of Drugs & Alcohol Abuse Workshop

We created this pilot workshop working with Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership. It will be delivered across Highland in 2021 – 22 and evaluated. 

Scotland faces many challenges in addressing its relationship with alcohol. With 50% of men and 39% of women regularly exceeding the recommended daily limits, alcohol is not a marginal problem. Reducing how much people drink also reduces the health and social harm caused by alcohol, with fewer Scots having their lives cut short because of alcohol and fewer children and families suffering as a result of other people’s drinking. One of the key areas identified in the Scottish Government strategy Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol: A Framework for Action is the need to tackle the damaging impact of alcohol on those other than the drinker.

There is a growing body of evidence from around the world to support an early intervention approach. An independent report recently produced for the UK Government explores the social and economic benefits of early interventions and recommends an essential move toward a primary prevention strategy which will offer substantial social and financial benefits. Read the report here.

The aim of this early years workshop is to help children and young people develop skills that can protect them from the consequences of living with a family member who drinks too. In the longer term it could reduce their own risk of developing alcohol problems.

The workshop helps to develop social skills, let children know that they can go to a trusted adult for help, understand who that trusted adult might be, and understand that asking for help is a positive behaviour. It explores a range of emotions in a sensitive and safe environment, and is designed with links across the Curriculum for Excellence, in particular to Health & Wellbeing outcomes including:

  • Mental & emotional wellbeing (HWB 0-01a, HWB 0-02a, HWB 0-03a, HWB 0-05a, HWB 0-08a)
  • Physical wellbeing (HWB 0-16a, HWB 0-17a)
  • Planning for choices and changes (HWB 0-19a)
  • Relationships, sexual health and parenthood (HWB 0-44a, HWB 0-44b, HWB 0-45a)
  • Physical education (HWB 0-23a)
  • Substance misuse (HWB 0 – 42a)
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