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Every donation we receive makes a real difference in the work we do with children. We are grateful for every single donation that you are able to make.

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Anyone can apply to volunteer as an ambassador for Safe Strong and Free. We train each ambassador in using and communicating our key messages, so that they can play a valuable role in making sure we reach children who need help.

One of our key volunteer roles is the Volunteer Assistant Project Worker, assisting our Project Workers in delivering our workshops in nurseries and primary schools.

We also regularly offer the opportunity for work experience with the Safe Strong and Free team. 

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Children, parents and guardians are very supportive of activities that raise funds for the work of Safe Strong and Free, and framing these activities within the school environment can increase interaction with the families and guardians of children.

Children themselves are often good sources of ideas for fundraising activities and events, because their frame of reference is the pre-school environment they spend their time in – their suggestions are usually practicable and appropriate.

Suggestions for fundraising activities and events include:

  • A Teddy Bears’ Picnic – bringing in favourite toys from home to meet other toys in a music-driven event.
  • An art exhibition – formalising the presentation of artwork created by children in their pre-school activities, framing and presenting at a “private viewing” by invitation only to parents and guardians.
  • Pizza Party.
  • Making things to sell.
  • Have a disco in the nursery, to which parents, guardians and older siblings can be invited.
  • Superhero Day – like school dress-down days, this encourages children to pay and play for a specific day themed around superhero activities, including bringing in their own superhero toys.
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