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We run a range of informative workshops

If you or your organisation is interested in engaging Safe Strong and Free to provide any of our workshops please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information here.

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We deliver a set of three interactive puppet workshops in nurseries for all children in Highland in their pre-school year, linking to Curriculum for Excellence outcomes.
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Primary School

Following on from our series of pre-school workshops, we deliver workshops to primary school classes to reinforce the key messages about bullying, strangers and secrets.
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Our bullying awareness workshop is available to schools, clubs and groups. It covers attitudes to bullying, bullying behaviours and causes of bullying, prejudice-based bullying, the impact of bullying and how to respond to bullying behaviour.
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Additional Support Needs

Messages about abuse, assault and how to keep safe are not always accessible to children with additional support needs. Without this knowledge, these children may not recognise that they are being abused or have the language to explain what is happening to them.
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Prevention of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

The workshop helps to develop social skills, let children know that they can go to a trusted adult for help, understand who that trusted adult might be, and understand that asking for help is a positive behaviour.
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We use the resources of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP) to deliver training to staff and parents as well as workshops for children, using the thinkuknow materials.
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